PCI ToolKit

PCI ToolKit®

As an acquirer or Independent Sales Organization (ISO), you are responsible for ensuring all of your merchants comply with data security standards established by the PCI Security Standards Council. Unfortunately, getting and keeping them compliant is no easy task, and the new standards of PCI DSS 3.2 don't make things any easier. 

Make PCI Compliance Operationally Easy While Generating Significant Revenue

With stringency regarding merchant PCI compliance required by the new PCI 3.2 standards, your business faces increasing scrutiny over HOW you ensure your merchants are measuring up. In addition there is increasing pressure on merchants to “take control” of PCI compliance through policy development, staff training, ongoing monitoring and incident response.

How can increasing compliance complexity actually be made easier for merchants?

The Conformance PCI ToolKit solution takes the headaches and hassle out of PCI DSS 3.2 compliance validation by eliminating the need for your merchants to decipher complicated and confusing rules, regulations and forms, while helping you manage and report portfolio compliance.

Our solution gives merchants the unequalled opportunity to create a platform for PCI compliance that is simple, accurate and comprehensive. The Conformance visual wizard technology presents a set of pictures to merchants, making the exercise simple and efficient which reduces frustration and support calls.


Annual PCI DSS Compliance Validation Is Not Enough

Today's cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing. Organizational compliance with PCI DSS at any single given point in time isn't sufficient to protect data. Merchants must focus on making compliance sustainable over the long haul-it must become an integral part of their day-to-day business activities, as well as take on a primary role within their greater organizational security strategy.

Now there is help!

The Payment Security Awareness System from Conformance Technologies helps your merchants continually assess compliance with PCI DSS security standard requirements quickly and easily. Combined with PCI ToolKit, which provides a yearly snapshot status report of annual merchant PCI DSS validation, Conformance Technologies gives your merchants an easy and consistent approach to compliance all year long. You and your merchants benefit by actively thwarting hacking attempts and better managing the risk associated with potential data breaches.


Employee Training Portal

Because errors are some of the most common causes of data loss, Requirement 12 of the PCI DSS v3.1 has a much greater emphasis on employee training.

The Conformance PCI ToolKit includes an easy to manage training module that trains and, if necessary, retrains all merchant employees on the company security policies, tests them and records results. The training is “role-based,” meaning that employees receive training that is specific to their job, or roll, in the company.

This is full featured training system is included in the Conformance PCI ToolKit at NO ADDITIONAL COST!