Breach Defense Reviewer

Data Breach Epidemic Makes SMBs Vulnerable

One in five small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) becomes a cybercrime victim each year. And of these, some 60 percent go out of business within six months of an attack. That's a 20 percent chance of being hacked; and if it happens, it's highly likely these businesses are finished.

SMB's think that they have to take credit cards online to be worried, but that simply isn't true. Hackers and thieves are after ALL kinds of data, including financial and customer records, employee data and business intelligence. These businesses shouldn't take a chance when there's a very real likelihood that their core web environments can be breached!

Breach Defense Reviewer™

The Breach Defense Reviewer solution from Conformance Technologies simulates real-world attacks against SMB websites. Vulnerabilities and risks which may impact the confidentiality, integrity or availability of data are identified. This includes network and application testing, as well as controls and processes around networks and applications, plus inspection for unsecured customer and other data.

The Breach Defense Reviewer provides an automated, cost-effective way to have intelligent systems automatically probe SMB computer systems and websites for vulnerabilities—all for less than the cost of lunch. Testing can be ordered on demand and as frequently as desired. A hands-on approach enables security testers to intelligently respond to changing environmental conditions to discover new routes and system loopholes ripe for attack. As a result, SMB end-users understand how malicious entities may attack their systems and the extent of their vulnerability, so that proactive measures may be taken to strengthen system and website security.

The Breach Defense Reviewer takes only a few minutes to run, and a fully detailed threat report is generated for each SMB website probed. The process is simple. There is NOTHING for SMBs to do except identify the Internet addresses for the systems and websites they want probed. That’s it!

SMB Benefits

  • Improve data security
  • Reduce data breach risk
  • Protect business viability
  • Gain “ease of mind”

Reseller Benefits

  • Protect customer base from data breaches
  • Deepen customer relationships and reduce attrition
  • Make more money with a new recurring revenue stream

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